OCTOBER 5, FRIDAY | 6:30PM -9:30 PM

Join Chef Dan Stone to learn the secrets to making five dishes that are truly Southern Comfort Foods. Who doesn’t love finger-lickin’ fried chicken, unctuous baked mac-n-Cheese, slow-braised mixed greens with just a whisper of smokiness, and lighter than air biscuits with sweet butter?
On the menu: Cast Iron Skillet Fried Chicken, Four Cheese Baked Mac-n-Cheese, Braised Greens, Buttermilk Biscuits, and (that WWII sugar rationing work around) Coca Cola Cake - all washed down with sweet tea.

You’ll master pan frying, making Béchamel Sauce, making the quickest of breads, and making a beloved never-fail iced cake.

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